P.O.S: Hip-Hop Innovation, Punk-Rock Disposition

Minneapolis rapper P.O.S takes political and social issues head-on from an “everyman” point of view. His critical eye and grounded personality come naturally — a product of his modest, Midwestern upbringing.


Zine Scene: Faesthetic

Faesthetic is changing the way zines are marketed and redefining that for which they stand. Much more than a high-quality art showcase, Faesthetic has grown into a taste-maker for the 21st Century art scene.

This glossy, invitation-only art zine began as a magazine showcase for established talent and up-and-coming artists, but it has since expanded into the areas of gallery shows, T-shirt design, and poster art, and it has even lent its name and style to a New York Fashion Week event. Exclusive, high-brow, and part of a growing media empire characterized by artistic partnerships — is this the future of zine culture?

Faesthetic #13

Created in 2001 by Dustin A. Hostetler, Faesthetic has only produced 12 issues so far, but its involvement in cultural events and its highly active blog lend it influence beyond a few dozen pages of actual printed product. Hostetler intends to continue producing one issue per year and to add an Internet-based supplement in the near future. However, the focus of Faesthetic remains squarely on its glossy, high-quality print issues.

Originally, Hostetler’s idea was to create a tangible product in response to the boom in PDF zines during the past few years. The fact that Faesthetic is a polished, collectible art book is obviously important to his aesthetic. “I wanted something I could tuck away in a box, put it in my attic, and that my grandchildren could find some day,” he explains.

Sage Francis

Sage Francis on BBC Radio

On Tuesday, July 13, rapper Sage Francis sat down to chat with Lauren Laverne on the BBC 6 Music Radio Show to discuss his most recent album, Li(f)e.  Francis discussed the shift in style from beat oriented to folk rock, using live instruments with big-name collaborators (members from Grandaddy, Death Cab for Cutie, DeVotchKa, Sparklehorse, and more).  The live audio no longer is streaming, but session photos can be found here.

Sage Francis reveals Shepard Fairey cover art

Shepard Fairey's artwork for Li(f)e by Sage Francis
Shepard Fairey's artwork for Li(f)e by Sage Francis

Shepard Fairey, one of our least favorite pop-culture artists, has created the artwork for the album Li(f)e by Sage Francis, one of our favorite pop-culture artists.