ALARM's 51 Favorite Albums of 2013

ALARM’s 51 Favorite Albums of 2013

Saving the best for last, we’ve chosen our 51 favorite albums of 2013, pulled from the acclaimed and the unsung — some of the best as well as most boundary-pushing releases from rock and beyond.

Shining: "I Won't Forget"

Blackjazz remixed: Shining’s competition for “I Won’t Forget,” w/ spiffy button-up prize

Norway’s Shining, which gave a name to its genre with 2010 album Blackjazz, has a new record coming out May 28 on Prosthetic. Entitled One One One, the album includes the recently unveiled riff-rocker “I Won’t Forget” (see the sci-fi music video here).

Now the band has made stems available for download and is holding a remix competition of the single. The three best versions, picked by front-man Jørgen Munkeby, will be posted on the band’s social-media sites, and each winner will receive a Shining button-up, the “Blackjazz Rebel,” pictured below. So download that application, send it back to the band, and get to cutting.

Shining: "I Won't Forget"

I know what you did last album: Get a tease of Shining’s video for “I Won’t Forget”

Shining: I Won't ForgetShining: I Won’t Forget single (Universal Norway, 2/8/13)

Following the band’s superlative, groundbreaking album Blackjazz in 2010, progressive metal outfit Shining (the Norwegian former jazz band, not the Swedish suicidal metal band) is back this year with a new full-length, One One One. Its first single, “I Won’t Forget,” is still en route to America, with a seemingly spectacular video to match a gnarly rock/metal tune. Get a glimpse of the futuristic, industrialized visuals, directed by Kyrre Larsen (who also did “Fisheye”), and get ready.