Nisennenmondai: Neji/Tori

Nisennenmondai is the Japanese term for “Y2K bug,” and, yes, the band does sound like the end of the world.

Originally self-released in 2004 and 2005 respectively, Neji/Tori are a maelstrom of furious drumming, completely blown/ fuzzed-out bass, and screaming guitar that sucks your ears into a vortex of noise.

BPM Counter: First Five of 2009

ALARM columnist Sean-Michael Yoder shares his first five electronic picks in 2009. The list includes Aether’s “melodic” Artifacts, London’s John Tejada with Fabric 44, the pop/dance beats of Hercules and Love Affair’s self-titled album, a Lollapalooza mix, and Jaga Jazzist leader Lars Horntveth’s 37-minute song, “Kaleidoscopic.”

The Top 10 Record Label Names

Lord knows that there are thousands of record labels in the world. So how does one go about separating itself from the rest (other than through awesome music)? That would be with a good name. Thankfully, these labels all have great music as well.

BPM Counter: Weekly Electronic Picks

This week, ALARM guest columnist Sean-Michael Yoder reviews new albums by internationally renowned DJ Behrouz, Glasgow-based legendary producer Howie B. on record with rock/funk group Casino Royale, San Francisco four-piece Tussle, Italian actress turned electroclash artist Asia Argento, and Texas DJ D:Fuse.