Bloc Party

Review: Bloc Party’s Four

Bloc Party: Four (Frenchkiss, 8/21/12)


Bloc Party: “Octopus”

After a hiatus that saw front-man Kele Okereke testing the solo waters of R&B-inflected electronics, London indie outfit Bloc Party has returned leaner, meaner, and more dynamic than ever. Some studio banter between tunes is a dead giveaway that Four is a more documentary approach than the boys have taken previously. Rawer sounds and a live recording environment make this the closest to representing the band at its naked best.

MoogFest 2010

MoogFest 2010: A look at the electronic festival’s move to Asheville

Despite its history and charm, Asheville, North Carolina isn’t widely known as a destination for music and culture.  Many associate the town with the Blue Ridge Parkway, hippie drumming, and maybe Black Mountain College, a progressive institution that closed in 1957 but once was a center for artists like Merce Cunningham and John Cage.  But look deeper and you’ll also find a contemporary music scene, classy bars, and a population of locals that are culturally aware and proud of their town.

And they’re nice — like deep-South nice.  Maybe that’s why Robert Moog decided to spend the last 25 years of his life there.


What We’re Seeing Friday: Alfonso Ponticelli, The Most Dangerous Race

Inspired by Django Reinhardt, the legendary face of Gypsy jazz guitarists, Alfonso Ponticelli and his backing band create swinging numbers that hearken to the 1930s.

While he performs in Evanston, a northern neighbor of Chicago, The Most Dangerous Race will be at Chicago’s Metro, playing electronically infused rock songs with strong pop sensibilities.