Paul Cary

Pop Addict: Paul Cary’s Ghost of a Man

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Paul Cary: Ghost of a ManPaul Cary: “The Curse of China Bull” (Ghost of a Man, available for free at Candy Dinner)
[audio:|titles=Paul Cary: “The Curse of China Bull”]

Music, like any form of art, is at its best when it is evolving, transforming, and shifting the way that we think about a certain style or genre, altering our perception of what constitutes good music. Only by looking forward can we free ourselves from resuscitating the same old thing.

However, an album like Ghost of a Man, the latest effort from Chicago-based rocker Paul Cary, is enough to turn that notion on its head. Ghost finds Cary looking back, evoking bluesy backwoods foot-stompers with rough edges and sharp teeth. He’s not simply regurgitating. Cary’s howling voice and raw guitar playing puts a modern twist on the genres he’s exploring, giving them a fresh start.