Gallery Spotlight: The Wood Street Galleries

Directly above Pittsburgh’s T-Line Station, at the intersection of Wood Street and Liberty Street, is the Wood Street Galleries, one of downtown Pittsburgh’s prized cultural spaces for technology-based art. Since 2000, the organization has exclusively featured work by media artists and has elevated Pittsburgh’s emerging tech-inspired DIY scene into the fine-art realm.

“I would say what sets [us] apart internationally is that we solely focus on new-media artwork,” says Murray Horne, curator for the Wood Street Gallery. “I think that in North America, we are the gallery that focuses on that more than anybody else.”

William Elliott Whitmore

William Elliott Whitmore: Poetic Discontent

After three albums that touch on personal topics, the scratchy, soulful material of folk singer and banjo player William Elliott Whitmore gets a thematic overhaul, angling toward subdued political themes.