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The Metal Examiner: The Secret’s Solve Et Coagula

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The Secret: Solve Et CoagulaThe Secret: Solve Et Coagula (Southern Lord, 9/28/10)

The Secret: “Double Slaughter”

The Secret: “Double Slaughter”

When Goodfellow Records folded this year, Italian grindcore/black-metal quartet The Secret found itself momentarily without a label following a pair of raging, nihilism-fueled full-length albums.  Those releases suggested (if not insisted) that the group had something new to bring to European metal’s increasingly crowded table.

In the wake of the former label’s dissolution (and the band’s countless lineup changes since), The Secret attempts to regain its footing on Solve Et Coagula, its first outing for Southern Lord and an album almost workmanlike in its sound, structure, and unwavering metal attack.