David Bowie’s “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)” starring Tilda Swinton in NSFW video

David Bowie: The Next DayDavid Bowie: The Next Day (Columbia, 3/12/13)

Though the words David Bowie and Tilda Swinton should be enough to get you to click that little “read more” button, the new video for Bowie’s “The Stars (Are Out Tonight),” directed by Floria Sigismondi, is a pleasure to watch. Starring the strikingly similar entertainers as a suburban married couple, a bit of David Lynch-esque intrigue is injected when a celebrity pairing shows up in town.


Guest Spots: Antonionian’s top forthcoming film scores

Antonionian: AntonionianAntonionian: Antonionian (Anticon, 3/15/11)

Antonionian: “Into the Night”

[audio:http://alarm-magazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/06-Into-The-Night.mp3|titles=Antonionian: “Into The Night”]

Antonionian, a.k.a. Anticon affiliate and multi-instrumentalist Jordan Dalyrmple, is known for his drumming and production work with Subtle, General Elektriks, and 13 & God. His solo-project name, Antonionian, is inspired by Italian cinema auteur Michelangelo Antonioni. In this piece, penned exclusively for ALARM, Dalrymple picks four upcoming film releases to watch and, more specifically, hear.

Four Forthcoming Film Scores
by Antonionian

1. Cosmopolis by Howard Shore

The general public might know him from the Lord of the Rings movies or, more recently, the Twilight series, but to me, Howard Shore‘s most compelling work has been in collaboration with director David Cronenberg. Starting with The Brood in 1979, Shore helped introduce the “body horror” genre with his dissonant orchestration and spooky synth washes. Videodrome and Naked Lunch wouldn’t be the surreal classics they have become without his otherworldly aural vision. I’m very interested to hear and see what the duo does with a Don Delillo adaptation. Info at www.cosmopolisthefilm.com.