Generation of Vipers

Review: Generation of Vipers’ Howl and Filth

Generation of Vipers: Howl and Filth

Generation of Vipers: Howl and Filth (Translation Loss, 6/5/12)


[audio:|titles=Generation of Vipers: “Eternal”]

With a pair of members in US Christmas and one in A Storm of Light, Tennessee trio Generation of Vipers has kept quiet for the past four or five years. But the sludgy post-hardcore three-piece finally self-released its third album, Howl and Filth, last year, and now it gets a proper push and release from Translation Loss.

Total Fucking Destruction

The Metal Examiner: Total Fucking Destruction’s Hater

Every Friday, The Metal Examiner delves metal’s endless depths to present the genre’s most important and exciting albums.

Total Fucking Destruction: HaterTotal Fucking Destruction: Hater (Translation Loss, 2/15/11)

Total Fucking Destruction: “Thrashadelphia”

[audio:|titles=Total Fucking Destruction: “Thrashadelphia”]

Given the relatively straightforward demands of grindcore, any band willing to name itself Total Fucking Destruction should know what’s expected of it. Conversely, even the most casual grindcore enthusiast probably knows what to expect from a band named Total Fucking Destruction. With Hater, the Philadelphia quartet holds up its end of the bargain, but in such spastic fashion that even the most dedicated are likely to be left in a perpetual double-take.

Hater’s 27 tracks come instilled with a musical hostility equaled only by the comically abrasive song titles (“Murdernumber,” “Hate Mongering Pig Pandemonium”), all taken to absurd heights through a near-constant everything-at-once approach. Built primarily on a foundation of furious drumming, speed-metal riffing, and stream-of-consciousness anti-authoritarianism, Hater at times flexes a kind of accidental atonality not quite Zappa-esque, but more like Slayer if Slayer abandoned the concept of riffs and played at quintuple-time.

Mouth of the Architect: Quietly

Quietly, the newest album from post-metal quartet Mouth of the Architect, doesn’t just rest on its volume-knob laurels, opting instead for dynamic and intricate songwriting, highlighted with delicate flourishes of feedback, samples, and noise play usually associated with ambient music.

Contest: Win an Irepress Prize Package (CD + T-shirt)!

Following its debut full-length in 2007, melodic math-chug group Irepress has just released its crushing, beautiful, epic sophomore album, Sol Eye Sea I, on Translation Loss Records.

To celebrate this great release, ALARM has teamed up with Translation Loss to give away a few gift packages of the new CD and an Irepress T-shirt.  Read the details and hear a new track below.

Weekly Music News Roundup

Announcements are made for new albums from Irepress, Karl Sanders, Black Moth Super Rainbow, and Staff Benda Bilili — a group of paraplegic Congolese street musicians.

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey releases its new studio album for free; Secret Chiefs 3 announces a concert DVD; Les Claypool announces an outstanding mini festival that will be in a town near you. This and more after the jump.