Gruff Rhys

Pop Addict: Gruff Rhys’ Atheist Xmas EP

Gruff Rhys

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Gruff Rhys: Atheist Xmas EP Gruff Rhys: Atheist Xmas EP (Wichita, 12/20/11)

Gruff Rhys: “Slashed Wrists This Christmas”

Around this time of year, before the reality and harshness of winter set in, December is usually a time of good cheer and holiday festiveness. And now, thanks to Gruff Rhys, atheists can enjoy the season too. The Super Furry Animals front-man has just released a new EP called Atheist Xmas — a three-song offering featuring hook-heavy, head-bobbing catchiness — that is sure to help get you through to the coldest days this winter (or at least a few minutes of them at a time).

And don’t worry — this one isn’t sung in Welsh.