Femme et Vélo

Gorgeous girls with bicycles

The female form, in tandem with the elegantly simple bicycle, makes for an evocative image. This is the idea behind Zachary Hunt’s Femme et Vélo, a photography blog merging the two.


Girls + records + B&W artiness

Obsessed with vinyl and the female form? Visit the unabashedly titled fuckyeahgirlswithvinylrecords.tumblr.com to get your fix.

Marnie Stern’s five favorite guitarists

Marnie Stern knows a thing or two about shredding. With two critically acclaimed albums under her belt and a new album, entitled Marnie Stern, out October 5 via Kill Rock Stars, Stern is easily one of the most technical and skilled female guitarists playing today.  Here are her five favorite axe-masters.

Also, take a listen to a cut of the forthcoming album, which features contributions from Zach Hill (Hella) and Matthew Flegel (Women), by listening to the song “For Ash” below.

Marnie Stern: “For Ash”
[audio:http://alarm-magazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/Marnie-Stern-For-Ash.mp3|titles=Marnie Stern – For Ash]

1. Mick Barr

“I always say Mick, and he will always be my favorite. The only way I can describe his playing is to say that your jaw will drop for the entire time you witness his terrific playing style. He has influenced me tremendously.”