MP3 Premiere: Balance and Composure’s “You Can’t Fix Me” and “Say”

Braid / Balance and ComposureBraid / Balance and Composure split EP (No Sleep, 2/26/13)

“You Can’t Fix Me”

Balance and Composure: “You Can’t Fix Me”


Balance and Composure: “Say”

Next week No Sleep Records is releasing a split EP that pairs the old and new guards of indie rock. Each with a couple of brand-new tracks, the recently reactivated Braid and the up-and-coming Balance and Composure both are following an extended player with another quick dose of pretty and emotional rock tunes.

Here are Balance and Composure’s two tracks, a rangy pair that display the band’s penchant for dynamics and love of 1990s alt-rock (seemingly with a bit of rhythmic influence from Braid’s Damon Atkinson on “Say”).

You can order the split EP digitally or on vinyl, which presently is available in limited quantities of gold and dark maroon.