Weekly Music News Roundup

Idiosyncratic Chicago rapper Serengeti and producer Polyphonic have signed to Anticon, which will release the duo’s next album, Terradactyl, on June 23.

Faith No More has an official new website, replacing one that was mired in the mid-1990s.

Following next month’s release of Wavering Radiant on May 5, Isis will be on the road for a six-week US tour.  Head to the band’s MySpace page or the newly redesigned Ipecac website for tour dates.

For writing/recording purposes and short tours, extreme metal outfit Arsis has been rejoined by original drummer and founding member Michael Van Dyne.

A second video teaser has been posted for Cryptomnesia, the upcoming album from El Grupo Nuevo de Omar Rodriguez Lopez.

Yesterday, percussive groove outfit The Dead Kenny Gs — multi-instrumentalist Mike Dillon, saxophonist Skerik, and bassist Brad Houser — began a short tour through the southern Midwest.  The group’s members represent 3/4 of Critters Buggin.

Quirky math-rock trio Tera Melos will begin a three-week US tour (with a stop in Montreal) in late April.

By-, the debut album from Bygones, will be released June 23 on Sargent House.  Specializing in a spastic/melodic guitar/drums dichotomy, the duo consists of drummer Zach Hill and guitarist Nick Reinhart (of the aforementioned Tera Melos).

Bastard Noise has released a five-disc CD set called Our Earth’s Blood Pt. IV, which is now available through the band.

On April 28, Ben Folds will release an album that consists of collegiate a cappella groups around the US recording his material.  Appropriately titled University A Cappella and to be released by Sony, the album will also feature Folds doing solo a cappella overdubs on two songs.

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