Sneak Peek: Brent Rollins artwork for Freeway’s The Stimulus Package

We got a sneak peek at the artwork for Freeway & Jake One’s new album, The Stimulus Package (Feb. 16th, Rhymesayers) created by hip hop design star Brent Rollins. 

The packaging includes 4 Freeway Bills, 4 Jake One Bills, with lyrics and liner notes on the backsides, a wallet to stuff them into, plus a download card with the Instrumentals. You can pre-order the record here.

Brent Rollins Bio:

Brent Rollins works in Brooklyn, and is dedicated to producing iconic images and ideas.

Since the age of 18, Brent has produced memorable logos for memorable films (“Boyz N The Hood,” “Dead Presidents”), and created his signature collage art for popular album covers (Spank Rock, Gang Starr, Mos Def and Talib Kweli’s Black Star), for apparel (Stussy), and also murals (Nike, UNDFTD, The Contemporary Arts Center of Cincinnati, HVW8 Gallery, Brecht Forum Gallery and South Korea’s R16 Festival).

“She Makes Me Feel Alright” (1st single) via iTunes
“Know What I Mean” video via Pitchfork TV
“Know What I Mean” “Know What I Mean”
“Love Is A Battlefield” MP3 Rip (non album, mixtape cut)

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