50 Unheralded Albums from 2011

Bosco Delrey: Everybody WahBosco DelreyEverybody Wah (Mad DecentDowntown, 6/14/11)

Bosco Delrey: “Baby’s Got a Blue Flame”

[audio:http://alarm-magazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Bosco_Delrey_Babys_Got_A_Blue_Flame.mp3|titles=Bosco Delrey: “Baby’s Got a Blue Flame”]

Bosco Delrey is one curious cat, one whose debut album is a Jon Spencer-esque roots-rock revival that incorporates strong elements of electronica and psychedelia. Following a pair of seven-inch releases earlier this year, Everybody Wah is that debut, using a plethora of modern sounds, from fuzz bass to drum machines to synthesizers.

“Archebold Ivy” is one of the more genre-blended songs on the album, combining a classically flavored harpsichord melody with dance-fueled synth lines and Delrey’s throwback vocals. That’s immediately followed by “Afterlife,” a soulful yet futuristic faux-string-tinged amalgamation. “Cool Out” borrows some Venetian Snares-style drum and bass over a simple sweeping backdrop, and “Insta Love” follows with a romantic rock-and-roll ballad.

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