MP3 Premiere: If By Yes’ “You Feel Right”

If By Yes: Salt on Sea GlassIf By Yes: Salt on Sea Glass (Chimera Music, 3/22/11)

If By Yes: “You Feel Right”

[audio:|titles=If Say Yes: “You Feel Right”]

Today, we present the exclusive premiere of If By Yes‘ “You Feel Right.” If By Yes (a name taken from the E.E. Cummings poem “Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town”) is an avant-pop group with some notable members: vocalist Petra Haden (Foo Fighters, Decemberists, Beck, Twilight Singers), producer and multi-instrumentalist Yuka Honda (Cibo Matto, Floored By Four), and  Yuko Araki and Hirotaka “Shimmy” Shimizu from Cornelius.

The song, with its samba groove, synth stabs, and delicate vocals, bodes well for the band’s debut, Salt on Sea Glass, which also features special guests David Byrne and Nels Cline. If By Yes has plans to tour throughout 2011 in support of its new collection of tunes.

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