Serengeti (w/ Jel & Odd Nosdam)

Review: Serengeti’s CAR

Serengeti: CAR (Anticon, 7/31/12)



“CAR.” What is that exactly? Chicago MC Serengeti makes a case that it’s all about a funk-fueled vibe under enough scratching to require a daily supply of new vinyl. With the help of Anticon producers Jel and Odd Nosdam, Serengeti (born in Chicago as David Cohn) has released the latest in his double-digit hip-hop discography.

The Dears

Pop Addict: The Dears’ Degeneration Street

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The Dears: Degeneration StreetThe Dears: Degeneration Street (Dangerbird, 2/15/11)

The Dears: “Blood”

[audio:|titles=The Dears: “Blood”]

Following its 2006 tour in support of Gang of Losers, the existence of Montreal indie-rock band The Dears was questionable at best.  A relentless touring and recording schedule fueled tensions within the band, and, despite its success in Canada and abroad, it fractured.

However, lead vocalist and songwriter Murray Lightburn and keyboardist Natalia Yanchak pushed forward, recording the stripped-down Missiles in 2008.  Now it looks to stabilize a relatively rocky period in its 15-year history with its new album, Degeneration Street.

The Dears’ fifth album, Degeneration Street is a reunion of sorts. Guitarists Patrick Krief and Robert Benvie, who departed following the Gang of Losers tour, have returned, as has early-era bassist, Roberto Arquilla. With newcomer Jeff Luciani on drums, this is arguably its most stable lineup in years.

Contest: Win Two Tickets to See Marco Benevento in Chicago

Following an auspicious solo debut last year, post-jazz keyboardist Marco Benevento (of Benevento/Russo Duo fame) recently released Me Not Me, another solo outing that mostly features personalized versions of cover material.

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Marco Benevento’s New Album Covers Leonard Cohen, Led Zeppelin, Deerhoof

Jam keyboardist Marco Benevento (Benevento/Russo Duo) is releasing another solo album on February 3, only this time, covers outnumber original material. Benevento’s solo debut, Invisible Baby, was a passionate release from his post-jazz trio, but it certainly didn’t include any renditions of Deerhoof songs.

Austin City Limits Preview

Those familiar with the national festival circuit might get a sense of déjà vu when looking at the lineup for Austin City Limits.  No matter – there are plenty of quality jams to go around the fest’s eight stages, and we have our recommended itinerary ready for you.