Album Premiere: Jodis’s Black Curtain

Jodis: Black CurtainJodis: Black Curtain (Hydra Head, 10/2/12)

Three years ago, Aaron Turner of Isis (and many, many other bands) and James Plotkin and Tim Wyskida of Khanate (and many, many other bands) formed a haunting, melodic, ambient project called Jodis.

Each already had quite a résumé for elongated, swirling, textured pieces, particularly of the dark variety, whether from projects like Old Man Gloom, House of Low Culture, or solo material. Jodis was different, though, and now the three experimentalists are issuing a second album together with a renewed focus on slow-building melody.

Today you can hear Black Curtain in its entirety, one week ahead of schedule. Sadly, it’s one of the final new releases for Hydra Head, whose nearly 20 years have set the bar for quality among underground hardcore and experimental albums. Pre-order the hell out of this so we can attempt to pull off a financial resurrection.

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