MP3 Premiere: With Lions’ “Our Great Rise”

With Lions: Equipo EPWith Lions: Equipo (6/12/12)

Download “Our Great Rise”

With Lions: “Our Great Rise”

Last month, vocalists and film/TV-score producers Christian Celaya and Woody Ranere — together as the cine-pop duo With Lions — delivered the second installment of an ambitious four-EPs-in-a-year cycle. And though the seven-song installment is an arty and orchestrated affair, make no mistake: Equipo is pop in its purest form.

Each track on Equipo offers something different, but we’re partial to “Our Great Rise,” the EP’s closer, which builds layer by layer before a chamber-ensemble passage transitions the chorus into a stirring, cinematic outro. Enjoy our exclusive premiere, download the song above, and don’t be surprised to catch yourself singing along, “It was a moment of weakness, but I won’t take it back.”

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