Fund this: Stones Throw documentary gets Kickstarted

When Peanut Butter Wolf started Stones Throw Records in 1996, his friend and rap partner Charizma had just been killed. What started as a cathartic way to release the music they recorded together soon grew into something much larger, a record label releasing an eclectic range of music, with artists as diverse as Madlib, Mayer Hawthorne, and Omar Rodriguez Lopez on their rolls.

Documentary filmmaker Jeff Broadway, having previously tackled the story of Mark Sandman, front-man for Morphine, has begun fundraising for a documentary about the founding and history of Stones Throw, titled Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton. Using crowd-sourcing website Kickstarter, Broadway hopes to put together a feature-length film, incorporating home video, extensive interviews, and live footage.

The Kickstarter campaign is just getting started and offers incentives to backers at a variety of financial levels, with everything from producer credits to exclusive posters, T-shirts, and rolling papers to those who help the film reach its goal.

Check out the trailer for the campaign below.

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