Review: Fear Factory’s The Industrialist

Fear Factory: The Industrialist (Candlelight, 6/5/12)


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Fear Factory’s eighth full-length studio album, The Industrialist, is the next chapter in the band’s sci-fi narrative that has spanned the past two decades. The futuristic storyline, however, is a mere backdrop for the blistering noise of its soundtrack.

Crafted by Mechanized writers and band-mates Burton C. Bell and Dino Cazares, on vocals and guitar respectively, the newest album is a space-shattering embodiment of Fear Factory’s longstanding legacy.

The tracks “God Eater” and “Disassemble” exemplify the band’s signature style, layering an array of metal and Bell’s recognizable vocal patterns upon an authentic industrial base. And moments when narrative fuses with composition in musical alchemy — as in “Depraved Mind Murder” — showcase both the band’s tightness and dedication to theme.

In its entirety, The Industrialist, though speaking to the complications of being an android, is a well-orchestrated montage of universal agitation and despair.

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