Review: Marco Benevento’s TigerFace

Marco Benevento: TigerFaceMarco Benevento: TigerFace (The Royal Potato Family, 9/11/12)

“This is How it Goes”

Marco Benevento: “This is How it Goes”

The opening two tracks of jam/jazz keyboardist Marco Benevento’s latest record may come as a surprise to those expecting the purely instrumental, piano-driven arrangements that have populated his previous releases. Bubbling synths and danceable rhythms underpin the repeated refrains of Rubblebucket vocalist Kalmia Traver on “Limbs of a Pine,” while an undulating bass line and harpsichord back the singer on lead single “This is How it Goes.” Benevento’s playful pop sensibility remains intact, but the songs mark a striking departure from his older output.

The remainder of the album finds Benevento traversing more familiar territory, pounding away at his amplified acoustic piano, accompanied by the likes of Tortoise’s John McEntire and Mike Gordon of Phish. Strong, repetitious melodies are laid atop drum and bass, often supplemented with strings or one of the composer’s circuit-bent toys.

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