Review: The Casualties’ Resistance

The Casualties: ResistanceThe Casualties: Resistance (Season of Mist, 9/25/12)

“My Blood. My Life. Always Forward.”

The Casualties: “My Blood. My Life. Always Forward.”

Twenty years since its first EP, iconic NYC punk quartet The Casualties makes another incensed return with Resistance, its ninth full-length album and first for European metal giant Season of Mist.

With one exception, Resistance is comprised of 15 two-minute blasts of fury, railing against corporatism, capitalist failures, and restricted rights over the usual blend of punk and hardcore. There’s a more pronounced element of thrash, however, and thus the album should have a stronger appeal to metal fans (who already were being more exposed to the band thanks to recent tours with GWAR and English Dogs).

By and large, Resistance is The Casualties by the book, led by the larynx-shredding screams of singer Jorge Herrera and his compatriots’ gang-vocal anthems. To some, it might be just another dose of political punk, but the band and its themes remain as relevant today as they did 20 years ago.

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