Video: Om’s “State of Non-Return”

Om: Advaitic SongsOmAdvaitic Songs (Drag City, 7/24/12)

Advaitic Songs, the fifth album from drone-doom duo Om“pushed the [band’s] material to even greater heights.” Again combining Eastern mysticism with those elements of drone and sludge, the band this time emphasized softer moments and added more string accents. The chemistry between bassist/singer Al Cisneros and drummer Emil Amos (also of Grails), on their second album together, was apparent.

Now Om has released what will be the only video from the five-song album, “State of Non-Return,” filmed during the actual recording sessions. The viewer watches in high-contrast black and white as the band, with Robert A.A. Lowe (a.k.a. Lichens) and string players, creates complex, moving music in a six-minute exercise in unreality.

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