Video Premiere: Judgement Day’s “Forest Battle”

Judgement Day: Polar ShiftJudgement Day: Polar Shift (Minus Head, 7/31/12)

After months of creative seclusion in a northern California barn, string-metal trio Judgement Day has reemerged with an acoustic album, Polar Shift, that deviates from its electrically enhanced material — all without sacrificing its dark, metal-washed sound. The band’s third full-length studio album goes back to its street-performer roots with un-doctored instrumentals that embrace the dynamic variation of the drums, cello, and violin.

For a preview of what’s to come, enjoy the raw, unkempt melodies in this video for “Forest Battle.” The black-and-white footage is a behind-the-scenes peek at the band’s recording process, all while showcasing each musician’s abilities. For more about Judgement Day, read our story from Chromatic: The Crossroads of Color and Music or purchase the book here.

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