Meshuggah’s “I Am Colossus” video is a twitchy, soul-removing nightmare

Meshuggah: KolossMeshuggah: Koloss (Nuclear Blast, 3/27/12)

It’s been a little over a year since the blast of atomic rage that is Meshuggah’s Koloss, and things haven’t slowed down for the band. In addition to touring at home and overseas, the band has dropped a video for “I Am Colossus,” and it’s a reality-twisting piece of stop-motion animation that simultaneously evokes Tim Burton and Tool‘s entire music-video catalog.

Directed by Magnus Jonsson and featuring some soul-reaping, Slenderman-esque nuns, perhaps representing the Norns or Fates, “I Am Colossus” is filled with a twitchy, dark majesty. The film skips, imitating imperfect animation to add a schizophrenic feel to something already reaching for cosmic horror. And throughout, the band’s perfect blend of roar and prog drives the video to a titular finish.

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