Retox redefines police brutality in gory video for “Mature Science”

Retox: YPLLRetox: YPLL (Epitaph, 5/7/13)

Manic punk band Retox is an intelligent machine made of unstable energy. And in the NSFW (unless you work in a butcher shop, I guess) new video for “Mature Science,” the band throws on leather jackets to hold court on a classic musical topic, previously pondered by groups like Black Flag, NWA, and Body Count: the police.

Featuring the kidnapping of an unconscious officer and flickering super-8 footage that leads up to a bloody revelation, Retox keeps it old school in a bad-ass, 1980s, subtle-as-a-hammer-to-the-face kind of way. Watch it and pre-order the band’s sophomore album / Epitaph debut, YPLL, already.

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