Riding Route 66 on a Triumph America


About the bike

I rode alone on a 2007 Triumph America with Triumph saddlebags and a Saddlemen tunnel bag. It was a perfect luggage setup, with just enough room and easy enough to pop off the tunnel bag at night. It also acts like a decent back rest. I test rode a pre-production Garmin Zumo GPS, which I liked a lot in the more urban areas. It was easy to use while riding, even with gloves on. I also rode with a Scala Rider headset, which was handy for making calls while riding, but I mainly used it to listen to music via Bluetooth on my iPhone.

I’ve got some older bikes that I love riding around the city and wasting time and dollars on tinkering with. But I’m not a gear-head. I like riding good bikes, not great looking pieces of shit.  Like a lot of other city riders, I want to spend my time riding–maybe bolting some stuff on. One of the things I love about this Triumph is that it just rides. Buy it, put gas in, and ride. I had no problems with it. Wet, cold, heat — starts right up. Handles reliably and consistently. I love riding it. And that’s what matters.

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