Butch Walker, a ’66 Triumph, and the Pacific Coast Highway

I ride into Venice, California, on a borrowed electric motorcycle. It’s warm and the fog is pouring in off the ocean. I push open an unlocked street-level door to Rubyred Studios and find Butch Walker sitting at a console, typing into a laptop. “Oh, hi!” he says, and gets us some coffees.

Bike bonanza: The best of Mods vs. Rockers 2013 in photos

The 9th annual Mods vs. Rockers Vintage Motorcycle & Scooter Rally took place in Chicago this June, moving to the historic Aragon Ballroom to accommodate its growing popularity. Courtesy of Good Spark Garage, here’s an extensive photo recap of the festivities.

Deus / Makr tool roll

Roll it up and ride: The Deus and Makr tool roll

One of the best things about brands that focus heavily on craftsmanship and quality is that they tend to align themselves with like-minded companies. Such is the case here for Deus and Makr’s motorbike tool roll.

Hip helmet: A hand-painted job courtesy of Corpses from Hell

Maxwell Paternoster — designer and illustrator behind the motorcycle club Corpses from Hell — sat down in a London diner to adorn Ruby’s Castel helmet with his acid-trip vision. Here are the gold-leafed results, complete with melting greasers, zombie hands, and circuitry.

Triumph America

Riding Route 66 on a Triumph America

After three days of desert debauchery (thank you, Coachella), ALARM editor and publisher Chris Force decided to ride back from California to Chicago via Route 66. Here’s what he figured out.