Segway out of Hell: Soundgarden stars in Dave Grohl-directed absurdity, “By Crooked Steps”

Soundgarden: King AnimalSoundgarden: King Animal (Universal, 11/13/12)

Soundgarden’s King Animal, its first album in 16 years, is both a welcome return to form and an exercise in creative experimentation. Now the band has teamed with renaissance man Dave Grohl in a video for heavy rocker “By Crooked Steps.” And with Dave behind the lens, the serious tone of the music doesn’t mean that you can’t have a little bit of lighthearted fun.

The video finds the band as biker gang, taking over a bar and running afoul of police. The gang’s mode of transport, though, isn’t really….fear inspiring. Look for the cameo by Deadmau5, and check out a brief making-of video.

Soundgarden currently is on tour, with dates in Chicago on January 29 and 30 and more continuing into February.

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