Q&A: Kvelertak wants more…Kvelertak

Kvelertak: MeirKvelertak: Meir (Roadrunner, 3/26/13)

“Bruanne Brenn”

Kvelertak: “Bruane Brenn”

In 2010, metallic Norwegian sextet Kvelertak introduced its riff-heavy sludge ’n’ roll to a global audience via its self-titled, Kurt Ballou-produced debut, an 11-track monster that sounded equally fit for a house party as it was for the pit. Three years later, the band has refined and honed its sound, and on its Roadrunner Records debut, Meir — which boasts blast beats and Southern rock riffs in equal measure — Kvelertak has evolved into one of the heaviest rock-’n’-roll bands on the planet.

Dave Grohl SXSW keynote speech

See Dave Grohl’s SXSW keynote speech

In case you missed Dave Grohl’s SXSW keynote speech and have 50 minutes to kill, it’s worth a listen — covering multi-tracking at 12, being taken to see Naked Raygun, his devastation at the death of Kurt Cobain, and finding his “musical voice.”

Segway out of Hell: Soundgarden stars in Dave Grohl-directed absurdity, “By Crooked Steps”

Soundgarden: King AnimalSoundgarden: King Animal (Universal, 11/13/12)

Soundgarden’s King Animal, its first album in 16 years, is both a welcome return to form and an exercise in creative experimentation. Now the band has teamed with renaissance man Dave Grohl in a video for heavy rocker “By Crooked Steps.” And with Dave behind the lens, the serious tone of the music doesn’t mean that you can’t have a little bit of lighthearted fun.