Q&A: Ghost BC on orgiastic art and ABBA’s infernal fate

Ghost B.C.: InfestissumamGhost BC: Infestissumam (Universal Republic, 4/10/13)

Ghost BC is a Swedish metal outfit composed of five “nameless ghouls” and a singing zombie-priest whose vocals are so clean and sugary that he probably could land a role on Glee if he wasn’t always praising Satan.

One of the masked members – they don’t identify themselves publicly – recently answered a few questions about the band’s second album (an adventurous and elegantly thematic mix of Scandinavian metal, classic rock, and new wave), its controversial deluxe-version artwork, and how ABBA earned a “one-way ticket to hell.”

What was the band’s musical vision for Infestissumam?

To make a more diverse and rich album than our first (Opus Eponymous, 2010).

The music has gotten bigger and even more radio-friendly. How welcoming is the mainstream market to Satanism?

Define mainstream. We are banned from most of the chain stores throughout the US, and most American TV stations won’t have us on their late-night shows. Most commercial radio stations won’t play us. So, yes, mainstream America is absolutely welcoming us with open legs.

What was your reaction when CD manufacturers in the US refused to print the artwork for the original deluxe version of the new album, which included a painting of a blasphemous-looking orgy?

We couldn’t help but to laugh at the fact that it was the nudity that made the stir, when obviously they should’ve raised their hands over the inverted crosses. Pathetic and just downright ridiculous.

Dave Grohl produced and plays drums on an ABBA cover (“I’m a Marionette”) on the deluxe edition. How did you join forces? Did you feel a Swedish duty to Satanize your country’s most-prized musical export?

We met and quickly got talking about doing something together. That was that. And no, we are not looking to Satanize ABBA. They did a good job succeeding in show business themselves, which is always a one-way ticket to hell.

How do you manage to stay anonymous when you tour extensively?

We don’t.

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