ALARM's 51 Favorite Albums of 2013

ALARM’s 51 Favorite Albums of 2013

Saving the best for last, we’ve chosen our 51 favorite albums of 2013, pulled from the acclaimed and the unsung — some of the best as well as most boundary-pushing releases from rock and beyond.

Queens of the Stone Age

Must-see sets at Lollapalooza 2013

Need to plan your itinerary for three days of tunes at Chicago’s Grant Park? We’ve done it for you, and Friday’s alignment is near perfect – complete with a dinner break. Also, graciously, we’ve directed you away from the glow-stick-raving teenagers.

Ghost BC

Ave Papa Emeritus II: Vote for the Ghost BC front-man for Pope, stream a new track

Ghost BC - InfestissumamGhost BC: Infestissumam (Loma Vista, 4/9/13)

The Pope has quit, and the position needs to be filled. It seems only right to elect the most devout man in rock, Papa Emeritus II, front-man for Swedish occult-metal band Ghost BC.

The band, made up of Emeritus and five Nameless Ghouls, posted the awesome poster below as well as a new track, “Year Zero,” available for streaming for the cost of a vote in Papa’s favor. Go listen to it; it evokes “Ave Satani” of The Omen and sets the whole thing to Ghost’s graveyard-heavy sound.

Ghost BC

Public-access blasphemy: Ghost BC’s video for “Secular Haze”

Ghost BC: InfestissumamGhost BC: Infestissumam (Loma Vista, 4/9/13)*

[*not final cover art]

Swedish occult-metal band Ghost BC (formerly just Ghost) is back this April with its “sophomore psalm,” Infestissumam, and it promises more rollicking tunes set to lyrical themes about everyone’s favorite dark overlord.

The video for “Secular Haze,” the album’s first single, finds the band in its usual high-priest and heavy-cloak garb, jamming its just-barely sinister melodies on a public-access-style set. Catch the band live across America this spring.