Public-access blasphemy: Ghost BC’s video for “Secular Haze”

Ghost BC: InfestissumamGhost BC: Infestissumam (Loma Vista, 4/9/13)*

[*not final cover art]

Swedish occult-metal band Ghost BC (formerly just Ghost) is back this April with its “sophomore psalm,” Infestissumam, and it promises more rollicking tunes set to lyrical themes about everyone’s favorite dark overlord.

The video for “Secular Haze,” the album’s first single, finds the band in its usual high-priest and heavy-cloak garb, jamming its just-barely sinister melodies on a public-access-style set. Catch the band live across America this spring.

[For a totally unrelated “public access” parallel (and amazing song), also watch Secret Chiefs 3’s “Renunciation.”]

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