Sit, stay, steez: Menswear Dog knows how to work an outfit

For a long time, high-quality menswear and style were markers of money and power, as in, “I could easily crush you underfoot if I wanted to, but you might scuff my Prada loafers, which cost more than your mortgage payment.” The cure for this kind of stuffy, snobby mindset is hard to come by, but not impossible to find.

Coming in at one part serious men’s-fashion lookbook and one part animals dressed as people, Menswear Dog is quite possibly the most refreshing thing to come out of the recent menswear surge. It’s easy to think of it as a gimmick — someplace to visit for a cheap laugh, never to return — but eventually, you might realize that you’re treating the site like a traditional lookbook, thoughtfully admiring the outfits that are being modeled by a 3-year-old Shiba Inu. It’s rare to find a website that treats fashion with an equal amount of sincerity, humor, and utter insanity, but Menswear Dog delivers it all in a neat, furry package.

Menswear Dog

Menswear Dog

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