Tag-teamwork: Hear wife-and-husband Rabbit Rabbit’s “Curious One”

Rabbit Rabbit Radio Vol. 1Rabbit Rabbit: Rabbit Rabbit Radio, Vol. 1 (8/6/13)

“Curious One”

Rabbit Rabbit: “Curious One”

Each with boundary-pushing credits a mile long, wife-and-husband tag-team Carla Kihlstedt (Tin Hat, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, 2-Foot Yard) and Matthias Bossi (SGM, The Book of Knots, Skeleton Key) are one of those consummate couples — the kind of musical pairing that belongs together.

The multi-instrumental duo recently launched an audio/video subscription service, named Rabbit Rabbit Radio, to deliver new material and behind-the-scenes stories at a low, low price. Now the two are releasing said material as Rabbit Rabbit, and the forthcoming album’s first single, “Curious One,” is a true team effort — built around a head-nodding groove, bouncing upright bass, glistening pizzicato plucks, deep distortions, and, of course, Kihlstedt and Bossi’s harmonized vocals.

Add this to your August pickup list, and keep an eye open for summer tour dates!

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