The Gaslamp Killer has a few ideas for your next nightmare

The Gaslamp Killer: BreakthroughThe Gaslamp Killer: Breakthrough (Brainfeeder, 9/18/12)

Electronic artist William Bensussen, better known as The Gaslamp Killer, drops an ominous beat for “In The Dark,” album closer for 2012’s Breakthrough and all-around solid choice for “night-terror soundtrack” material. The video for the track, directed by Hyperballad Productions, adds fuel to the nightmare flame with slow-panning, slow-motion shots of whirling dervishes, a very peeved-looking snake lady, and a niqab-ed woman whose torso seems to be winding slowly around a tree.

Playing over the sparse and bleak settings, Bensussen’s throbby lows, squealing highs, string riffs, and stuttering drum sound come together to form some haunting imagery.

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