Third Man’s vintage record booth offers live recordings straight to vinyl

Founded by Jack White, Third Man Records has, since its inception, focused on a high-class brand of the unusual. Whether this means releasing a strange, single record from enigmatic Mildred and the Mice or very special vinyl editions of past work from The White Stripes, Third Man has created its own unique place in the world of record labels and stores.

Now, on April 20 (Record Store Day), Third Man is going to prove that everything old is new again.

In the arcades of the 20th Century, small booths that would record your voice on vinyl were everywhere. In tribute, Third Man has installed a vintage 1947 model in its novelties lounge. For a small price, you have a little more than a minute to record a song, message, or bloodcurdling screams before the machine plays it back and presses grooves into a six-inch vinyl disc. The store also provides custom printed envelopes with prepaid postage and a shipping box, just outside the entrance, so you can mail your musings immediately.

Check out Brendan Benson demoing the booth below, and then go get in line.

Third Man record booth

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