WTF? Friday: Neosignal re-invents the Internet in children’s toys

Neosignal: Planet OnlineNeosignal: Planet Online single (Beatport / Division, 6/10/13)

Remember watching cartoons on a Saturday morning and seeing that one toy that you absolutely had to have? The commercials, with kids climbing through barren, rock-slide-ridden landscapes while their robotic, man-eating R/C truck followed them, were things of horrific beauty. The toys, however, never lived up to the fun had by that Cosby-sweater-wearing jerk in the 30-second spot.

Now Dent de Cuir, a collective of film artists, has teamed up with German band Neosignal for a twisted reminder of that simple time. Featuring a sleazy toy presenter and two of those generic children who lied about the fun they were having, the video forĀ “Planet Online” imagines what the Internet would look like as those highly sought toys. And it reminds us that, just like on the actual Internet, there are some places you shouldn’t go.

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