Video Premiere: Have a Nice Life’s “Dan and Tim, Reunited by Fate”

Have a Nice Life: The Unnatural WorldHave a Nice LifeThe Unnatural World (The Flenser, 2/4/14)

The brainchild of Tim Macuga and Dan Barrett, Connecticut dark post-punk / -wave / -gaze outfit Have a Nice Life released its second album, The Unnatural World, last month. (We named it one of our favorites of the week here.) Now ALARM is premiering the video for its penultimate track, “Dan and Tim, Reunited by Fate,” directed by Gardenback.

The track itself starts out with a steady bass line and distant, elongated vocals that are quickly smothered by wave of tones. As the track carries on with the vocals tucked within a haze of reverb, an ambient interlude turns into a dreary outro, befitting the rest of the album’s depressive mood.

The video’s imagery, bathed in a thick red-orange light, follows a scared and confused-looking guy, floating between reality and dreams of a ritualistic ceremony. Other than shots of flickering flames, skulls, and the doe-eyed Loren Peta, we don’t see much of the action happening in the scene. Instead, the song helps to tell the chilling narrative, reflected in the man’s nervous eyes.

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