Weekly Burlesque: Interview with Garo Sparo

Weekly Burlesque: Interview: Garo Sparo
In a recent post, I described how many burlesque performers collaborate very closely with designers, and named corsetier Garo Sparo as one of our favorite collaborators. Happily, Garo consented to an interview and allowed me the honor of taking some photos in his studio while he fit me for the “Parade of Muses” in his Sparkle and Cinch Fashion Show coming up on February 6.

Weekly Burlesque: Sex Worker’s Art Show Riles ‘Em Up

Weekly Burlesque: Sex Worker’s Art Show Riles ‘Em UpI wanted to go on the Sex Workers’ Art Show Tour this year, as I did last year, but I withdrew my application because I also wanted to stay and work on the new space for the School of Burlesque. It was a tough choice because SWAS means more than a lot to me, but I’ve been getting lots of calls and messages from the road that make me feel almost like I’m in two places at once. Love is good stuff. I can’t be there now so I’m really putting myself into this blog post to establish my undying affection and solidarity for my peeps on the road.

Weekly Burlesque: Blog Post About A Blog Post

Weekly Burlesque: Blog Post About a Blog PostWhen I was a stripper at the Cheetah III, we had a calendar on the wall that listed all the upcoming conventions so we’d know which nights the club needed extra dancers. Our favorite convention was “The Chicken Pluckers,” a huge gathering of those in the poultry game (and ironically, I detest chicken), whose members, if one were to judge by their behavior, were not audited on their expense accounts.

Weekly Burlesque: Diane Lane Fan Dance

dianelane.jpgI don’t post video clips often because they seem to get deleted from YouTube soon afterward, but I can’t resist this one! I use this in my “Exotic Dance in Contemporary Film” presentation, and this is the first time I’ve found it online.

Weekly Burlesque: Gossip Girl

gossipgirl4.jpgEvery now and then, I get to do things that aren’t part of my usual circuit of gigs. Recently, I worked as a consultant, dance designer, and movement coach on a television show called “Gossip Girl” (The CW).

Weekly Burlesque: Interview with Photographer and Publisher Dale Rio

ShimmyThe burlesque scene has its very own print magazine thanks to Dale “Black Dahlia” Rio, Shimmy Magazine‘s co-owner/editor and photographer who recently relocated to Seattle. She has been photographing burlesque for about five years. A little over a year ago she began editing and publishing Shimmy Magazine, the only print magazine devoted to burlesque.

Weekly Burlesque: Interview with Kelly DiNardo

Lili St. CyrLili St. Cyr, a pioneering burlesque performer known for on-stage bubble baths, has her life chronicled in the forthcoming biography Gilded Lili: Lili St. Cyr and the Striptease Mystique. Jo Weldon, our resident burlesque expert, spoke with its author, Kelly DiNardo, in anticipation of its release on October 16.

Weekly Burlesque: Interview with Margaret Cho

In the latest installment of Weekly Burlesque, accomplished burlesque performer/blogger Jo Weldon converses with comedian/actress Margaret Cho, not exactly known for her work as a dancer. But Cho, the stand-up comic turned dancer and variety show creator, continues to prove that she’s quite the renaissance woman.