Weekly Burlesque: The American Burlesque Show

The American Burlesque Show“The trouble with the American burlesque show, from beginning to end, is either that is has been too dirty — or else that it hasn’t been dirty enough.”

Though written forty years ago, the first sentence of The American Burlesque Show, Irving Zeidman’s history of burlesque in the United States (primarily New York), cites a dilemma that continues to haunt burlesque.

Weekly Burlesque: Paste Won’t Keep Your Pasties On

Jo WeldonPeople always ask questions about pasties. They are, after all, pretty peculiar articles of clothing in spite of being some of the most traditional items in most neo-burlesquers’ wardrobes. As far as I know, they are unique to burlesque — at least in terms of dance costuming.