seaningram_small.jpgThough the signature sound of newly rekindled Kansas hardcore unit Coalesce — crushing grooves, mathy rhythms, and the trademark tracheal attack of vocalist Sean Ingram (shown left) — stands on its own as a pummeling wall of sound, many fans weren’t turned onto the group until Hydra Head Records released a seven-song cover disc of Led Zeppelin tunes in 1999.

Coalesce: There is Nothing New Under the Sun

CoalesceWhen mathy, groove-heavy hardcore outfit Coalesce remodeled a short disc’s worth of Led Zeppelin tunes in 1999, fans of Zep’s famous riffage banged their heads in a whole new way. Guitarist Jes Steineger acted as a down-tuned Jimmy Page, former drummer James Dewees flawlessly recreated Jon Bonham’s beats, and, most importantly, vocalist Sean Ingram created a brutal presence in place of Robert Plant’s pipes.

In Rotation: July 17, 2007

Brace yourselves; Coalesce is back. The pummeling hardcore unit’s new two-song seven-inch may not be out until September, but that doesn’t mean we can’t rock it on repeat.