The Groove Seeker: Andreya Triana’s Lost Where I Belong

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Andreya Triana: Lost Where I BelongAndreya Triana: Lost Where I Belong (Ninja Tune, 9/7/2010)

Andreya Triana: “Far Closer”


With her debut release, Lost Where I Belong, soul singer Andreya Triana transitions from being a go-to featured guest vocalist to a full fledged solo artist.

The Brighton-based songstress has been favored by left-field producers and beat-makers such as Flying Lotus and Mr. Scruff, offering a distinct voice that points back to the deep and sensuous tone of Nina Simone. Under the production supervision of fellow Ninja Tune multi-instrumentalist and overall groove peddler Simon Green, a.k.a. Bonobo, Lost Where I Belong places Triana’s soul and folk-inflected vocal-jazz style under a well-deserved spotlight.

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