2013 and 1/3: The Best Albums of the 2010s (So Far)

Cave In: White SilenceCave In: White Silence (Hydra Head, 5/24/11)

“Sing My Loves”

Cave In: “Sing My Loves”

When Cave In returned from hiatus with its Planets of Old EP in 2009, it marked a true full-circle moment — from metalcore mastery to pop-rock faltering back to thrashing, effects-driven hardcore. In 2011, Cave In was back again with White Silence, its first full-length since Perfect Pitch Black, the 2005 transition back to heaviness that featured trance-inducing grooves as well as acoustic balladry care of guitarist/singer Stephen Brodsky.

White Silence is nearly as much a melting pot as Planets of Old. Though tracks such as “Serpents” lean on bassist Caleb Scofield’s searing screams and Old Man Gloom-esque riffs, and the final three tracks are built around Brodsky’s singer/songwriter abilities, the members always complement each other in a way that keeps the band treading new ground.

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