2013 and 1/3: The Best Albums of the 2010s (So Far)

Judgement Day: Peacocks / Pink MonsterJudgement Day: Peacocks / Pink Monsters (4/13/10)

“Cobra Strike”

Judgement Day: “Cobra Strike”

Known for its unique brand of string-borne heavy metal, Judgement Day proves that hardcore shredding is just as heavy and intense with a violin and cello as it is on guitar and bass.

Informed by brutal, driving force as much as classical training, the trio crafts hyperactive riffs, intricate arpeggios, and syncopated breakdowns on Peacocks / Pink Monsters, its second studio release. The album’s title is actually the name of the painting that adorns its cover, and in the nearly 20-page “making of” booklet — a one-of-a-kind “tome-pack” that accompanies the music — violinist Anton Patzner (also of Bright Eyes) discusses the important relationship of color and music.

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