Best Albums: Grails, Deltron 3030, Prefuse 73 & Teebs, Melt-Banana

This week’s best albums

– With immense creativity and a devotion to progression, Grails affirms its torchbearer status in the modern “psych movement.”

– Released 13 years after its predecessor, Deltron 3030’s sequel is one of the most creative rap records in ages.

Prefuse 73 and Teebs collaborate as Sons of the Morning, showcasing each artist’s distinctive qualities in a new context.

– With its ninth studio album, Japanese art-grind band Melt-Banana continues blazing a trail that no other artist has come close to matching.

– On his first LP for Warp, experimental electronic artist Oneohtrix Point Never expands his palette into increasingly abstract dimensions.

Honorable mentions

3: A Fiendish Threat (Hank3)

7 Seconds: My Aim Is You EP (Rise)

Daníel Bjarnason: Over Light Earth (Bedroom Community)

Black Moth: The Killing Jar (New Heavy Sounds)

Brendan Canning: You Gots 2 Chill (SQE)

Goblin: Tour 2013 EP (Death Waltz)

Hank 3: Brothers of the 4×4 double album (Hank3)

Lorde: Pure Heroine (Universal / Lava / Republic)

Saint Rich: Beyond the Drone (Merge)

Quasi: Mole City double album (Kill Rock Stars)

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