Deus / Makr tool roll

Roll it up and ride: The Deus and Makr tool roll

One of the best things about brands that focus heavily on craftsmanship and quality is that they tend to align themselves with like-minded companies. Such is the case here for Deus and Makr’s motorbike tool roll.

Hip helmet: A hand-painted job courtesy of Corpses from Hell

Maxwell Paternoster — designer and illustrator behind the motorcycle club Corpses from Hell — sat down in a London diner to adorn Ruby’s Castel helmet with his acid-trip vision. Here are the gold-leafed results, complete with melting greasers, zombie hands, and circuitry.

Marshall Hanwell

Amps to 11 (PM): Marshall’s Hanwell home-speaker system

As one of the most iconic names in amps over the past 50 years, Marshall is a name that’s synonymous with music. Now, for the first time, you can bring its sound and design to your living room with the special-edition Hanwell hi-fi home-speaker system.


Plug & program & play: The OWL Programmable Effects Pedal

Now up on Kickstarter, the OWL (open ware laboratory) seems able to bring effects designing down to a universal level, offering a fully open-source and open-hardware pedal that requires no proprietary tools or hardware-specific knowledge.