Coheed & Cambria iOS game

Fight the Amory Wars in Coheed and Cambria’s new iOS video game

Coheed and Cambria: The Afterman:DescensionCoheed and Cambria: The Afterman: Descension (Hundred Handed / Everything Evil, 2/5/13)

Coheed and Cambria’s Amory Wars might be one of the most ambitious conceptual undertakings in modern music. Spanning the majority of the group’s musical output and expanded in the form of both graphic and prose novels, it’s an epic space opera about a group of planets held together by lines of energy known as the Keywork. Conceived by front-man Claudio Sanchez, the story is also currently being adapted for a feature film by Mark Wahlberg.

Third Man’s vintage record booth offers live recordings straight to vinyl

Founded by Jack White, Third Man Records has, since its inception, focused on a high-class brand of the unusual. Whether this means releasing a strange, single record from enigmatic Mildred and the Mice or very special vinyl editions of past work from The White Stripes, Third Man has created its own unique place in the world of record labels and stores.

Now, on April 20 (Record Store Day), Third Man is going to prove that everything old is new again.

The Mantis “Walking Machine” heralds our insectoid-robot overlords

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been wondering when you’d have a jetpack, a personal robot servant, and meals in pill form since you were a kid. These were all things we were sure would have happened by now (Back to the Future: Part II, you have two years), but they don’t appear to be coming anytime soon, unless you count Roombas (which you shouldn’t).


Out of juice? USB FlashCharger is a gadget-head travel essential

Smart phones consume a lot of power. So do tablets. It gets worse if you use even a few apps. And, in reality, it’s not always feasible to find an outlet when you get the warning that your gadget is about to die.

Because of this, coming across something like the FlashCharger is serendipitous. Charge up the battery at home, drop it in your bag along with a USB cord, and use it when you’re in a tight spot, electricity-wise. It’s not as versatile or powerful as something like the Goal Zero Yeti, requiring wall charging between uses, but for everyday emergency use, it’s not a bad choice — particularly when you can pick it at for a deeply discounted price ($14 instead of $60) for a limited time.

Espresso Veloce

Caffeine on 12 cylinders

In today’s world of everyone brewing their own coffee, have you had trouble finding an espresso machine that looks appropriately bad-ass sitting on your counter? Do you have copious amounts of money and not enough things to spend it on? Do you love Top Gear and enjoy super-cars and gadget porn? If you answered yes to all of that, meet your new espresso machine.

Reimagining the synthesizer: Meet the Seaboard

The first instrument from UK music-tech company ROLI, the Seaboard is a reinvention of the keyboard with an organic way of controlling volume, pitch, intensity, and timbre. With soft, flexible keys, it’s designed to apply the control of an acoustic instrument to world of the electronic, while offering different sounds depending on where each is played. Plus the whole thing looks like it was designed by a less twisted HR Giger.

The Seaboard is due in a limited, handmade run of 88 this April.